Reformer 'How-To' Videos

Starting your pilates reformer journey doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Enter our handy how to videos - designed to boost your confidence and assist you in getting to know your new Kiva reformer. Whether you’re wanting to learn how to safely get on the reformer, or simply how to adjust the footbar correctly, these videos are the perfect tool to help you feel like a pro in no time.


How To Adjust Your Reformer Footbar


Position yourself at the front of your reformer, facing the footbar. With both hands pull the footbar up and move to your desired height. Once there, push the footbar down and lock into position by making sure the bolts are securely in the groove.



How To Adjust Your Reformer Springs


Start by sitting on your reformer bed. Select whichever spring/springs you are wanting to use and attach each spring loop to the corresponding hook.



How To Get Onto Your Reformer Safely


Option 1: Sitting down on your reformer carriage, move your legs and body to face the footbar, with your feet resting on the platform. Move your body toward the footbar and slowly lower your shoulders to meet the shoulder rests and your head to meet the headrest.


Option 2: Sitting on the corner of the reformer carriage facing the headrest,  place your outside hand on the closest shoulder rest. As you lower your body to the carriage, thread your inner arm through and use this momentum to safely land your back on the reformer. Adjust your body so you feel comfortable and manoeuvre your shoulders up against the shoulder rests.



How To Set Up Your Cardio Rebounder Attachment


With both hands lift the cardio rebounder attachment and secure each leg of the attachment into the corresponding hole. Press the top of the attachment to ensure it is secure.