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Kiva wellness infrared sauna australia home recovery relax
Kiva wellness infrared sauna australia home recovery relax
Kiva wellness infrared sauna australia home recovery relax
Kiva wellness infrared sauna australia home recovery relax
Kiva wellness infrared sauna australia home recovery relax

Radiance Full Spectrum Sauna 2 Person

    Experience our premium Triple Carbon OmniWave™ Heaters for full-spectrum infrared therapy, which includes Near, Medium & Far Infrared Waves.   Complete with adjustable temperature between 30-70°C for perfect heat, and 7-colour chromotherapy for mood elevation.
    Enjoy built-in Bluetooth, USB, and FM radio, with low EMF for safety, ergonomic comfort with built in backrest support, eco-luxe Kiln dried Canadian Hemlock, easy to use control panel and free nationwide shipping.
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If you’re looking for a luxe sauna experience, look no further. Our Radiance full spectrum sauna brings a level of quality and sophistication like you’ve never known. Breathe in 360 degree heat and exhale pure calmness as your body enjoys the sheer power of near, mid and far infrared heaters.

The premium technology heating panels means your sauna will heat up quicker than your average far-infrared sauna - either allowing you a quicker session, or if you’re feeling up to it, a more intense session.

Designed with comfort in mind, the wood around the heating panels is shaped to be ergonomic, meaning a more relaxing back rest is pre-installed (so you don’t need to worry about buying this feature as an add on).

Additionally, the bench seat can be flipped, giving you the convenience of option for a flat back rest or the ergonomic curve.

The Radiance sauna also comes with high quality speakers and additional lighting coming out of the heating panels, along with the LED light panel located at the top of the unit.

With a 5m long cord, placement of your Radiance sauna is easy to accommodate anywhere in the home.

The temperature on this unit goes up to 70 degrees, which with the full spectrum feature is more than enough to get you glowing in no time. For those brave enough to put their body to the test, the timer goes to up to 90 mins - allowing you a long and luxurious sweat sesh.

Complete with Australian certification, these full spectrum saunas have an ultra-low Electromagnetic Field (EMF) plus a very simple-to-use design. They are made using sustainably sourced hemlock wood from Canada and come complete with an easy-to-operate control panel.

Our range of saunas were created using high-quality, thick and durable Canadian hemlock spruce, which is a common material utilised for saunas. It’s a strong and sturdy material that’s resistant to cracking or splitting, and is also non-allergenic, resin-free and provides a significantly reduced scent. This reduced scent will make sure your sauna experience is not clouded by thick smells that may be experienced in some saunas made with other varieties of wood.

If you are planning a personal wellness space to use on a regular basis, then look no further than our range. Your full spectrum sauna will be the perfect addition to your home. With low EMF certified heaters, no harmful chemicals used and high-quality toughened glass, Kiva Wellness saunas make for a relaxing atmosphere that can be both rejuvenating and refreshing.

Unlike traditional saunas that heats the air surrounding you, infrared technology heats your body directly. Not only is this more energy efficient, it may also help you breathe easier as the air is dry. This in turn means you can experience a longer and arguably more comfortable session.

Buying a full spectrum sauna is undoubtedly a huge investment in your personal health, which is why it’s important to choose a sauna with high-quality parts. Our saunas come complete with high-quality carbon fibre heaters that emit heat evenly throughout the unit.

With your safety in mind, during manufacturing we test the saunas carbon heaters, monitoring thermal and electrical output. This ensures the saunas arrive to you performing in accordance with the globally renowned Australian standards, meaning our saunas are reliable to use all year round.

The use of an LED chromotherapy lightbox included inside your sauna alongside infrared technology is known as phototherapy.

The LED lights inside your sauna will change with the click of a button. Each colour offers you a different experience. For example, blue is believed to encourage your body to relax and unwind, which is perfect after a busy day of running around.

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are a part of modern-day life. EMF or EMR as it is also known surrounds us with all of the technology we have today. Whilst digital devices remain part of our lives there will always be EMF in some form.

EMF from our saunas is significantly below the levels generally believed to be unsafe which is often discussed above 10mg.

EMF is measured in milligauss (mg). The heating panels in our saunas have been tested between 3cm and 30cm distance from the panel. When tested at a distance of 3cm away from the heating panel, the mg result was just 2.3mg.

We offer free shipping on all Kiva Wellness products. Careful attention is taken to ensure that all deliveries are carried out as quickly and safely as possible.

We hand deliver saunas between the Sunshine Coast and Coffs Harbour and use specialist heavy goods companies to deliver outside of those areas.

Once delivered, assembly is straightforward and can be achieved within 30-40 minutes.

Our saunas are designed to be indoors. They can be placed outdoors undercover if protected by the elements. However, in cooler external temperatures the sauna may take longer to heat up.

You can find our easy to follow assembly instructions here.

Full Spectrum Heating for a Multi-Dimensional Experience

Full Spectrum Heating for a Multi-Dimensional Experience

Kiva Wellness Radiance Saunas, showcase two Full Spectrum heating panels prominently featured either side of the front glass panel. Using advanced technology, these panels emit a trio of infrared waves - near, medium, and far - each tailored for optimal comfort and health benefits.

The near-infrared waves are intense and invigorating like sunlight, they provide rapid heating for immediate muscle relief. Medium infrared, with a softer yet effective warmth, mirrors the cosy embrace of a heat lamp, ideal for extended relaxation. Far-infrared, penetrating deeply, offers a profound warmth that soothes your core, enhancing overall tranquillity.

This full-spectrum approach ensures a luxurious, multi-dimensional sauna experience, catering to your every need for relaxation and rejuvenation.

State of the Art Carbon Heaters

State of the Art Carbon Heaters

Experience unparalleled wellness with Kiva Wellness' OmniWave™ infrared sauna carbon heating panels. These cutting-edge panels, crafted with innovative nano-carbon technology, offer exceptional reliability and performance. Meticulously lab-tested for uniform heat distribution, they emit the far-infrared waves which are responsible for heating your body core directly, inducing the main enjoyment and health benefits of your sauna sessions.

Not only are these panels energy-efficient due to their carbon fiber construction, but they're also quality-assured to maintain consistent performance, reducing energy costs while ensuring a quick heat-up time. With a robust design confirmed through rigorous individual testing, these sleek and flexible panels are easy to install and take up minimal space in your sauna.

Opting for Kiva Wellness means choosing innovation, efficiency, and top-tier performance in infrared heating for an elevated wellness experience, making them a sustainable choice for your well-being routine.

Zero EMF Exposure

Zero EMF Exposure

Immerse yourself in un-compromised wellness with Kiva Wellness' low EMF saunas, where your health and safety are at the forefront. Our cutting-edge technology is meticulously designed to significantly reduce electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure, adhering to the strictest of safety standards.

With average EMF levels at a mere 0.4 milligauss (mG), far beneath international safety limits, you can relax in the therapeutic warmth of your sauna, reassured that your well-being is undergoing a positive transformation.

Our panels, while potent in heat distribution and robust in durability, maintain an exceptionally discreet electromagnetic presence. This ensures that your peace of mind is as enduring as your physical rejuvenation within the sauna. Embrace the purest form of relaxation and recovery, underpinned by Kiva Wellness' dedication to low EMF solutions, offering a haven where health and tranquillity coexist in perfect harmony.

Light Therapy

Light Therapy

Our saunas are fitted with Chromotherapy Lights with 7 different colour options. Each colour is associated with a different bodily response  and provides both emotional and physical benefits.

A feature designed to enhance your holistic wellness journey. This innovative addition leverages the therapeutic potential of colour, casting a spectrum of hues that can harmonise the body's energy. Each colour is carefully calibrated to promote balance and healing, from the calming blues invoking tranquillity and mental clarity, to the stimulating reds that invigorate and promote vitality.

Whether you're seeking relaxation after a stressful day or require a boost in recovery post-workout, our chromotherapy lighting is your personal palette for health, offering a personalised sanctuary where light and colour converge for your complete well-being. Experience a symphony of light in your rejuvenation routine, and allow the restorative powers of chromotherapy to illuminate your path to total wellness.

Insulated Walls - Canadian Hemlock Masterpiece

Insulated Walls - Canadian Hemlock Masterpiece

Our Saunas are constructed with premium pale Canadian Hemlock, known
for its robustness, hypoallergenic properties, unique scent, and natural
beauty, our saunas feature thick insulated walls. These walls form a
serene retreat within your sauna, offering not just an aesthetically
pleasing environment but also functional benefits.

The solid insulation guarantees excellent heat retention, while also
boosting energy efficiency. This design allows you to enjoy a steady and
inviting sauna atmosphere, blending the best of nature with
cutting-edge insulation technology.

70% of our Canadian Hemlock wood is sustainably sourced and we replant trees
here in Australia with a social enterprise called Reforest Now every time we sell
a Sauna.

Sauna for longer with Kiva's Banya design concept

Sauna for longer with Kiva's Banya design concept

Our Radiance Saunas are thoughtfully designed with heating panels that extend up to neck level, emulating the traditional Russian Banya hat concept. This intentional design ensures your head remains cooler, similar to wearing a Banya hat, which is believed to protect the head from overheating and promote better circulation.

By keeping the head at a lower temperature than the body, our saunas provide a more balanced and comfortable heat experience. This approach not only enhances your sauna session by allowing for longer, more enjoyable stays but also aligns with wellness practices that emphasise maintaining a cooler head temperature for optimal relaxation and health benefit.

Easy to Use Control Panel

Easy to Use Control Panel

Customise your sauna experience and make each session unique and enjoyable. With a simple push of a button you can;

  • Turn your sauna on and off
  • Find the perfect temperature
  • Set a timer up to 90mins (Your Sauna will auto shut off)
  • Select a chromotherapy light option
  • Listen to the radio or connect your phone with a USB plug or Bluetooth to enjoy Music or a Podcast

A Spacious 2-Person Sauna Escape

A Spacious 2-Person Sauna Escape

At Kiva Wellness, we pride ourselves on honesty and customer satisfaction, which is why we confidently market this Radiance Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna as a spacious 2-person sauna.

With dimensions of 118cm in width and 103cm in depth, our sauna offers a cozy and comfortable experience, perfectly accommodating two adults without compromising on personal space or comfort.

By focusing on a two-person capacity, we ensure each user can fully relax and enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of our sauna in an uncramped, relaxing environment. Those of average height will also be able to lie down on the bench seat with their legs up against the wall.

The health benefits of using our products

Faster Muscle Recovery

Faster Muscle Recovery



Heart Health

Heart Health

Exercise Performance

Exercise Performance

Pain & Mobility

Pain & Mobility

Reduced Inflammation

Reduced Inflammation

Heat Acclimation

Heat Acclimation

Exercise Recovery

Exercise Recovery

Better Mental Health

Better Mental Health

Improved Sleep

Improved Sleep

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions


    Sauna Dimensions: 118cm W x 103cm D x 195cm H
    Sitting Bench Dimensions: 109cm W x 45 cm D
    Heaters Rear: 200w x 2 (60cm x 40cm)
    Heaters Side: 200w x 2 (60cm x 40cm)+160w x 2 (80cm x 20cm)
    Bench: 300w x 1 (100cm x 30cm)
    Front: 350w x 2 (15cm x 58cm)

  • Weight


    • Sauna Weight: 137kg
    • Shipping Weight: 155kg
  • Features


    • Temperature Range: 25 - 70 °C
    • Timer Range: 5-90 Mins
    • Material: Hemlock wood; Non-toxic, water based glues and sealants
    • Speakers: 2 x resonance speakers
  • Technical Elements

    Technical Elements

    • Wattage: 2020w
    • Voltage: 220-240v
  • Bonus Extras

    Bonus Extras

    • FM radio
    • USB phone charging
    • Media sound player
    • Ergonomic bench one side & flat on the other side
    • Built-in ergonomic backrest & One Extra S shape backrest
  • Internal Lighting

    Internal Lighting

    • 7 Different colours to choose from (with remote)
    • Extra LED strip lights in & out of cabin
  • Average Cost Per Hour

    Average Cost Per Hour

    • $0.30c p/h
  • Warranty


    • Lifetime Warranty for home use
  • User Manual

    User Manual

We plant a tree across Northern NSW for every sale

We care deeply about our planet and the footprints that we leave behind. That’s why we have partnered with not-for-profit. “Reforest Now” in the Northern Rivers to restore the environment by expanding and conserving the local reforests.

Together we can make an impact.

Recover and Rejuvenate with the Expert's Choice Sauna

Chontel Duncan

Chontel Duncan

Fitness Trainer

I've tried many recovery methods in my fitness journey, but nothing compares to the rejuvenating experience of this sauna. I'm excited to share my love for this product with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have two 2-person infrared saunas available in our collection. The Radiance Full Spectrum Sauna and the Rise Far-Infrared Sauna. Both offer the same wonderful array of muscle-relaxing benefits. You’ll also find that both come with internal lighting in seven different colours, and they also measure in at the same size. The key difference is the additional features in the Radiance 2-person sauna. The Radiance sauna is a full spectrum sauna, meaning it provides near-, mid-, and far-infrared heat. It's designed with the heating panels extending only up to neck level, ensuring your head remains cooler, which is believed to protect the head from overheating and promote better circulation.

Getting an at-home 2-person sauna is an investment, and there are a number of things to consider to find the perfect one for your needs. 

One of the first factors is the type of infrared heaters that are used in the model you’re looking at. Infrared heaters come in two material types: carbon fibre and ceramic. Ceramic panels offer intense heat, but carbon fibre gives more even and consistent heat distribution, which is why we use them in our infrared saunas

If you’re already considering a 2-person infrared sauna, you may already have decided that’s the perfect size for you. Considering how often two people will be using it simultaneously may mean that a single-person sauna is fine for you, or you may want to increase it to an even larger size if you want to be able to relax and spread out more with your sauna partner. 

Quality construction, the use of high-quality materials, and warranties are also other major factors to consider when you’re purchasing an infrared sauna. Aside from the panels, the timber used should be something that can handle both heat and moisture. The timber used for all of our infrared saunas is Canadian hemlock for these reasons. We also cover our Radiance 2-Person Infrared Sauna with a lifetime warranty when used at home. 

Safety features are also important to check for. Things like touch control so you can reduce the temperature as and when you need, as well as an automatic shut-off after a certain time has passed are key for a safe and comfortable infrared sauna experience. You’ll also want to ensure that the EMF levels are within allowable limits - our infrared sauna range operates well below the internationally recognised safe limits. 

Finally, consider whether there are any additional features that are especially important to you. Whether that’s having chromotherapy that offers a range of lighting options or being able to play music remotely through BlueTooth speakers, infrared saunas often come with a range of extras. 

Our 2-person saunas are spacious, measuring 118cm in width and 103cm in depth. Inside, the inner bench itself is 109cm wide and 45cm deep. This gives you plenty of space to relax with a friend or lie down with your legs propped up if you’re using your sauna alone.

We recommend putting your 2-person infrared sauna indoors. While our range of infrared saunas can be used outside, they’ll need to be kept undercover owing to the electrical wiring they have. If you have an enclosed porch or deck area, you can keep yours there. 

The time your 2-person sauna will take to heat up depends on two things. First is the temperature you want to heat it to. Our Radiance 2-person infrared sauna can heat up to anywhere from 25 to 70 degrees Celcius and the higher the temperature you want, the longer it’ll take. Secondly, if you have your sauna outside and it’s a cold winter day, this will also increase the overall time. But in general it only takes about 5 minutes to heat up.

There are plenty of extra accessories you can add to your 2-person infrared sauna to make it a more luxurious experience. We also stock sauna covers to keep them clean and tidy if you are keeping yours outside. However, when it comes to customising features, we recommend choosing the right sauna that comes with all the space and built-in features you need from the start.