Prenatal & Postpartum Pilates Reformer

Prenatal & Postpartum Pilates Reformer

Whether you’re looking to kick start your fitness journey prior to conceiving, wanting to support your body during pregnancy or help recovery post birth, reformer pilates is here to help. By gently strengthening and stretching the body, reformer pilates can be a useful tool in supporting your body throughout your motherhood journey. 


Reformer pilates is a low impact form of exercise and perfect for all abilities and fitness levels. Although it is completely safe pre, during and post pregnancy, it is important to consult your health care professional prior to any exercise during and after birth. We also recommend reading our blog on Pilates Form, to better understand how to use your Reclaim Reformer safely. 


Let’s take a closer look into pre, during and post pregnancy and how Pilates can help during these phases:


Pre pregnancy

Reformer pilates is not only a great tool to help improve your health and fertility but is also great for preparing your body for pregnancy.


Through controlled, low impact strength and conditioning movements, pilates can help you to develop strong abdominal muscles that will support your back, hips and spine when your body is pregnant. Not only will the pilates workouts help to prepare your body physically, but with an emphasis on breathing techniques, will help to reduce stress and improve your sleeping habits. 



During pregnancy pilates offers a safe and effective form of exercise. With a deep emphasis on breath, pilates is designed to help with strength, mobility and flexibility which during pregnancy can help to support your body’s structure as it grows your little bundle of joy.


Modifications will be your best friend during pregnancy. It is important to listen to your body and adjust the resistance and intensity based on how you’re feeling both physically and mentally. 


Post pregnancy 

Post pregnancy is usually an overwhelming time for new mothers. With sleep deprivation and countless nappy changes, self care is must to maintain both physical and mental wellbeing. Postnatal pilates can help prevent common postpartum issues, such as lower-back and shoulder tension; the deep breathing emphasised can lead to more energy, mental clarity and patience. 


Like during pregnancy, modifications will be a useful tool to ensure your reformer workouts feel as comfortable as possible. We recommend easing into both the resistance and intensity of your workouts initially to ensure you maintain proper form and control. 



This blog should be considered as general advice only. For personalised exercise advice, please refer to a professional who understands your medical history and mobility capabilities.