How to use red light therapy for muscle recovery

How to use red light therapy for muscle recovery

The Science Behind Etherea Red Light Therapy for enhanced exercise recovery

In the pursuit of peak physical performance, recovery is just as crucial as the exercise itself. We are constantly seeking ways for athletes and fitness enthusiasts to optimise recovery and reduce muscle soreness. Enter Etherea Red Light Therapy, a cutting-edge technology that harnesses the power of red and near-infrared light to promote healing and enhance recovery after exercise. Learn about the science behind why you experience muscular pain after exercise and how Etherea Red Light Therapy can be a game-changer in your post-workout routine.

Firstly, why do muscles need to recover after exercise?

After exercise, your muscles undergo a series of physiological processes as a response to the physical stress and strain placed on them during the workout. The most common sensations experienced post-exercise, such as muscle soreness or stiffness, can be attributed to various factors.

Intense physical activity, particularly exercises involving eccentric contractions, can lead to microscopic damage in muscle fibers, triggering an inflammatory response that initiates the process of muscle repair. This microscopic damage induces inflammation and swelling, contributing to the soreness experienced after exercise. Despite common misconceptions, lactic acid buildup during anaerobic metabolism doesn't directly cause muscle soreness but may contribute to the perception of fatigue. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) manifests 24 to 72 hours post-exercise and is believed to result from inflammation and micro-damage, especially during eccentric contractions. Additionally, fluid and electrolyte imbalances from intense workouts can lead to feelings of fatigue and soreness, highlighting the importance of rehydration and proper nutrition for effective post-exercise recovery.

How does Etherea Red Light Therapy help with muscle recovery?

Etherea Red Light Therapy plays a pivotal role in facilitating muscle recovery. Firstly, the therapy stimulates cellular repair through its specific red and near-infrared light wavelengths, aiding in the healing of microscopic damage to muscle fibers caused by intense physical activity. By promoting cellular repair, Etherea Red Light Therapy helps mitigate the inflammatory response triggered during exercise, reducing inflammation and swelling commonly associated with muscle soreness. Additionally, the warming sensation of the therapy enhances circulation, assisting in the efficient removal of metabolic byproducts, such as lactic acid, and supporting the body's natural recovery processes.

The application of Etherea Red Light Therapy before and/or after exercise may alleviate the onset of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) by fostering a quicker and more efficient recovery.

Etherea's advanced series of therapy lights provide superior irradiance and smart operation, ensuring a comprehensive approach to muscle recovery through targeted sessions and promoting overall well-being. Shop our Etherea Series Therapy light here or chat to our customer service about how to incorporate this healing therapy into your post-workout routine.