Everything To Know About Ice Baths

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It’s the latest ‘must-have’ amongst the wellness community, but surprisingly has origins reaching back thousands of years - long before Wim Hof redefined the icy plunge we’ve all come to know and love. Cold water therapy was originally used by different cultures around the world including ancient Greece for, you guessed it, therapeutic and relaxation purposes.


These days, everyone’s curious about finding ways to elevate their health naturally. If you’re up to the challenge, cold water therapy might just be the addition to your well-being routine that you’ve been missing.


During an ice bath session the cold water causes your blood vessels to slowly narrow, followed by pushing blood to your organs to collect oxygen and nutrients. When you emerge from the cold water, your blood vessels expand again which signals to your brain to send oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood to your tissues. The drastic change in temperature is a shock to the system, so your brain sends a signal to the body that it's under (safe) stress and needs to respond accordingly.


But I’m not an athlete


You don’t have to be. The sports industry has incorporated ice baths into their recovery strategies for a good reason. Cold water therapy provides many health benefits non-athletes can take advantage of such as for pain relief and mental health support.


Your immunity


With winter upon us you might think it would be best to stay clear of icy cold water. But it’s actually quite the opposite. White blood cells are stimulated when you are immersed in cold water for a certain period and the lymphatic system contracts, which all supports your immunity function.


Ease into your new ritual


If you want to ease into cold water therapy, try taking brisk showers before taking the plunge. It may not provide the same benefits as an ice bath, but will give you some good insight into what a chilly dip feels like - It might literally take your breath away.


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