Bayside Strength & Recovery - Case Study

Bayside Strength & Recovery - Case Study

Bayside Strength and Recovery in Melbourne is a State-of-the-Art 24-hour training facility that specialises in tailored group and personal training as well as sports recovery.

Their mission is to provide top-tier training and recovery solutions to individuals at all levels of fitness, bringing the benefits of elite-level programs and sports recovery to its local community.

Since their establishment in August 2022, they’ve built a strong reputation by catering to a diverse range of clients including semi- and professional athletes seeking to enhance their overall mental and physical well-being.

To complement their sports recovery program, they were introduced to Kiva Wellness. The Rise 3 Person far-infrared sauna seamlessly integrated with their recovery strategy as well as their specific space requirements.

What sold you on choosing Kiva?

“Plain and simply -Affordability without compromising quality. The detail and transparency of the product and customer service was the standout for us along with a wide variety of models to pick from. Furthermore, the post-sales call to confirm the timely and hassle-free delivery of our product was an unprecedented experience for us” , said Tim, the owner of Bayside Strength and Recovery.

“We were looking for a product that fit our needs and Kiva has done that. We found the quality of build and materials used along with very competitive pricing was a no brainer for us in the end. Once the decision was made on our end the process was very easy and delivery was pretty quick too.”

Since then, Bayside Strength and Recovery have experienced remarkable sales growth across both their existing member base and walk-in customers.

“We’ve received incredibly positive feedback from our members regarding the benefits of our Kiva Sauna. It’s been particularly impactful for those who were previously unfamiliar with this form of heat therapy. Many can't believe they haven’t taken advantage of it earlier and are now making it a priority while others continue to reap the rewards regular sauna sessions offer. Our members are happy, our athletes are recovering faster and from a business point of view revenue has increased”, Tim concluded.