Why temperature will make or break your sleep

Why temperature will make or break your sleep

Written by Olivia Arezzolo

Your best night's sleep could be as simple as keeping cool - really. Ever noticed how on cooler nights, you always sleep super well; whereas on balmy summer ones, you wake constantly, toss and turn, and struggle to find ‘that spot’? It’s not your imagination - and as your personal sleep coach, and Australia’s Leading Sleep Expert, it’s a pleasure to make sense of the science, so you can get the deep sleep you want, love and deserve. 

So… why do we sleep better when are cool? 

It all comes down to melatonin, our sleepiness hormone to help us fall and stay asleep. Like many of our hormones, melatonin is in part controlled by temperature - when we are cool, we produce it in abundance; when we are hot, we do not. While there are other factors involved of course, it is not a stretch to say that temperature can make or break your best nights sleep. 

So - what is the best temperature then, by science? 

It is… 18 degrees - yes, cold… very cold. 

How can we keep cool in the evening? 

A cooling mattress pad like the Circadian Sleep Pod is my number one recommendation - as this is in direct contact with your body, it is more powerful and thermoregulating than an air con unit or a fan. 

In addition, promote a drop in core body temperature before bed, by having an infrared sauna and shower as part of your pre-bed routine. 

Does what we wear impact our temperature too? 

Yes, of course! Keep it light and breezy - pj’s in natural fibres like silk and bamboo are breathable and help absorb excess sweat. 

And, as strange as it sounds, wear socks - this promotes blood flow to your extremities, which helps cool you in the process. Fun fact! 

However, while this helps, nothing is as helpful, or powerful, than sleeping directly on top of a cooling mattress pad like the Circadian Sleep Pod - so investing will not only keep you cool, but will support deeper sleep and greater daytime energy too.