Introducing our Circadian pod ambassador - Australia’s Leading Sleep Expert, Olivia Arezzolo

Introducing our Circadian pod ambassador - Australia’s Leading Sleep Expert, Olivia Arezzolo

We are beyond excited, humbled and thrilled to announce that Australia’s Leading Sleep Expert, Olivia Arezzolo, has come on board to support our Circadian Sleep Pod. As an author in 10 countries and regular appearances on Sunrise, The Morning Show, The Today Show and Studio 10; Olivia has a knack of simplifying sleep science; crafting easy to action strategies to enable real, lasting change. We couldn’t be happier to have her on board; and so you can know her as well as we do - we sat down over a tea - here’s what she shared.

Kiva: Olivia, tell us about yourself!

Olivia: Sure! Professionally, as you probably know, I’m the leading sleep expert in Australia. I am genuinely thrilled that this has been awarded to me - I am on a mission to educate and empower my audience to their best nights rest, and being chosen by the media to take the lead in the sleep race, means that I can reach the entire nation.

Personally; I’m an avid traveller, taking every opportunity to jet somewhere - Bali, Italy and Byron Bay are my favourites! Though this sounds super luxe, I am actually very low key and enjoy simple pleasures - a long walk, nature, community markets, home cooking - this is me to a tee.

Kiva: Why did you become a sleep expert?

Olivia: After overcoming significant health challenges in my teens, I decided that I wanted to help others transform their own health too - leading me to 9 years of study, and an aim to be a wellness expert. Sleep emerged after completing my studies, when my first few clients had transformational results, in next to no time. More and more people started coming to me, and it snowballed from there. That, and when I fully grasped how important sleep was for optimal physical, mental and emotional health; I realised that to achieve my true mission - help others feel their best, inside and out - sleep was the ultimate pathway there.

Kiva: Why do you recommend the Circadian Sleep Pod?

Olivia: With our key sleepiness hormone melatonin only produced when we have a cool core body temperature; it means that keeping cool is a huge priority - as in, a non-negotiable, a ‘must-have’ to get right. And, though many have air con and fans; they often don’t suffice - many people are still waking overheating through the night.. in fact… 86% of people experience disrupted sleep, and no doubt, this would be driven by overheating! However - when sleeping with the Circadian Sleep Pod; because it’s directly underneath you and maintains a cool temperature all night, you’re much more likely to stay cool, and stay asleep! This is exactly why I recommend it, and am super excited to support awareness and trust of this incredible product - it actually works!